China, ASEAN Celebrate ‘Diamond Decade’ of Relations

Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN Xu Bu has said China and ASEAN will achieve broader and deeper cooperation as they have entered the “diamond decade” of their relations. Speaking in a seminar, which marks the 25th anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations, in Semarang, Central Java, last week, Xu Bu said ASEAN stood out in its neighboring region as the priority of China’s diplomacy. Xu Bu said 2016 was the year, which marked the opening of the ASEAN Community, the starting of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and the 25th anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations.

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Why it matters: China is an important dialogue partner for ASEAN, both because of the high volume of economic cooperation and the disputes China has with a number of ASEAN Member States. It is important to use the diamond decade celebrations to truly advance ASEAN – China relations in ways that are peaceful and mutually beneficial for the peoples of China and ASEAN. One way to do it is to pursue an inclusive maritime law enforcement cooperation.

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China, ASEAN Celebrate ‘Diamond Decade’ of Relations

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