The Habibie Center was founded by Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie and family as an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization on November 10, 1999. Our vision is to promote the modernization and democratization of Indonesian society based on the morality and integrity of sound cultural and religious values. The missions are: 
  • First, to establish a structurally and culturally democratic society that acknowledges, honors and promotes human rights. 
  • Second, to promote and advance effective human resources management and the socialization of technology.
The greatest asset and strength of The Habibie Center is in the people that are involved in the Center and their network. The prestigious names listed on our Board fully serve to assist in paving the way to ensure that the research and analyses conducted by the researchers are heard by the right individuals, institutions, and policy makers in Indonesia. The network that has existed since The Habibie Center was established has grown and broadened in the past years giving The Habibie Center an edge in disseminating the research. This has helped The Habibie Center carry out its mission and commit to work in concert with the relevant stakeholders.
The Habibie Center has also made its mark regionally as well as internationally, having several times been given the trust to manage grants and collaborations from and with national and international institutions, such as; the Hanns Seidel Foundation, International IDEA, National Democratic Institute (NDI), the Asia Europe Foundation, The World Bank, Center for Asian Strategic Studies-India, the National Bureau of Asian Research, Taipei Economic & Trade Office, European Union, Yayasan TIFA, USAID-SERASI and USAID-Chemonics.